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Crabby Slam Dunk the Junk

Hunstanton Town Council have launched 'Slam Dunk the Junk', a positive and fun initiative to address coastal litter and are inviting businesses and residents to participate. HTC hope the campaign will encourage positive social behaviour along our coastline, and result in people using the bins provided or taking home their litter.

Councillors have been out and about spreading the message and delivering posters. 'All the businesses we have approached so far have offered to put up a poster. It's fantastic that the community is pulling together to address this issue,' stated Cllr Amanda Knight.

The Council spoke to several environmental organisations to seek advice about a litter campaign. They were informed that a negative campaign tended to result in negative behaviour, and an upbeat and more positive message was needed.

With that thought in mind HTC have created Crabby, the eco crab! The Crabby character has been designed by local artist Kate Dunbar, the person behind the 'Sandi Starfish' lost children project. Cllr Knight stated, 'The campaign has been designed to appeal to both adults and children. Children make great influencers and they can encourage their parents to take notice of the message. Rather than a 'Don't and No' campaign we wanted to put the emphasis on those who do care about the environment.'

The problem with litter is not going to go away anytime soon and current predictions are for a very busy UK staycation in 2021, so they needed a campaign that could develop and adapt as required. Ideas for the future include a range of 'Beach Buddies' to join Sandi and Crabby, beach cleans, education workshops and story competitions with prizes such as a 'buddy' toy.

Tony Bishopp , Mayor of Hunstanton, said: 'It's good to be working with local businesses to tackle the growing problem and I would like to thank residents who have been out in all weathers litter picking. Keeping our beach and town is a responsibility we all share. We're very fortunate to have the support off our community.'

Members of the Council hope to visit all the town's businesses, but if they have been unable to contact you and you would like a poster or a banner please contact The Clerk at HTC on 01485 532402 or If any residents would like a poster please do get in touch - we can drop one off at your address or email a pdf for you to print.

Keeping seals safe from flying rings

Please don't throw flying rings on the beach. Seals get entangled and severely injured by flying rings (and similar frisbees with holes in)

We are blessed in the UK with 40% of the global population of grey seals and between 5- 9% of Common or Harbour seals. Seals travel far and wide around the whole of our coast and can get entangled anywhere in a huge range of debris lost or discarded by us humans be it plastic rings, netting, fishing line even plastic flower pots!

The Cigarette Ballot Bin

The Ballot Bin is a customisable ashtray, proven to reduce cigarette butt litter by around 50%. Find the Ballot Bin outside Hunstanton Town Hall.

Refill Hunstanton

Refill is part of a national, practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your water bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing refill points. Refill Hunstanton was set up in 2017 to help keep our beaches clean, help protect our marine life and reduce single use plastic pollution.

Find your nearest Refill Station

Clothing Recycling Bank

Clothing Recycling Bank open at Hunstanton Community Centre
Items of clothing that are not suitable for re-sale at one of Hunstanton's charity shops can be dropped of at The "Action For Children" clothing recycle bank. You can find the bank at the Hunstanton Community Centre (through the main gates turn right). Accepted items are clothes, shoes, belts & handbags.

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