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Don't miss out on £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate

Residents are being urged to apply online for the £150 Energy Rebate to ensure they benefit from this Government support as soon as possible.

West Norfolk residents who do not pay for their Council Tax by Direct Debit and have not applied online will now be receiving letters to remind them to apply for the £150 Energy Rebate before the 4 September 2022 deadline.

Over 44,000 households in west Norfolk have already received the rebate, worth more than £6.7M. There are around 16,000 households yet to apply. Residents who do not want to wait for the letter can complete the form to apply online at Residents are asked to allow 28 days from receipt of the application for it to be processed.

West Norfolk residents who pay their council tax by Direct Debit with properties in bands A to D should have received their £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate payment but are being reminded to check their bank account.

Cllr Angie Dickinson, cabinet member for Finance said: "We really want everyone who is entitled to this payment to receive it. The figures show that a high proportion of those eligible have not yet applied and therefore we're taking this opportunity to publicise the rebate, via local press, to encourage people to apply.

"We would also ask friends and neighbours to check if anyone they know is vulnerable has applied and if not, assist them in any way they can."

Anyone who cannot apply online can either wait for the letter that should be received in the next couple of weeks, or collect a form from reception at King's Court. It will need to be submitted with additional information, including bank statement confirming name, address and account number. Full details are provided with the form.

Any residents who do not have a bank account can still apply for the rebate and should contact us on 01553 616200 for information on how to do so.

Notes to Editor

Energy Rebate Discretionary Scheme

Households in band E-H who are eligible for the following exemptions/discounts could be eligible for £150 under the Discretionary Scheme:

All members of the household are:

Under 18

Severely Mentally Impaired


Dependent relatives living in an annexe

Have a person in the household who is disregarded for Council Tax purposes due to:

Severely Mentally Impairment

Live In Carers

Properties in bands F-H receiving Disabled Band Reduction (DBR) will receive £150.

For further information please contact: Tim Baldwin on 01553 616506

Posted: Tue, 05 Jul 2022 13:09 by Louise Parton

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