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New Mayor Elected

At Hunstanton Town Council's AGM held Wednesday 5th May 2021 members voted unanimously to elect Cllr Adrian Winnington as the Chairman & Mayor for 2021/22.

The new Mayor gave the following report;

"Thank you for your support in voting me in as your new Mayor and Chairman for the coming year.

I want to say some words of thanks to our outgoing mayor, Cllr Bishopp, Tony. His term of office has been far from normal in a number of ways. He was thrown into the role overnight and took on the challenge straight away. During his almost twenty months as Mayor and Chairman he only had six months when he was able to get out and about visiting groups within the town and representing Hunstanton further afield, before we were hit by the Coronavirus pandemic and he had to shield. The majority of his meetings as Chairman have been virtual via Zoom. He has had to deal with difficult issues in difficult times; and all this while having to deal with his own and family health issues. The fact that he has stuck to the task, and achieved so much, demonstrates his commitment to, and love of, our town. So thank you Tony, and we all wish you well.

As I take on this role of Mayor and Chairman for the second time, Hunstanton Town Council is on the verge of many exciting developments. There is a lot to be done and I look forward to working with the new Deputy Mayor, Cllr Maureen Howard, Chairs of committees, all councillors and our excellent staff team, in progressing these actions for the benefit of the town and its residents.

How we do this is important. We often sign off emails to each other with KR. Our months of lockdowns and restrictions during the pandemic will have brought home to us all the importance of relationships and the way we interact with other people. So much kindness has been shown by so many to those they know and those they don't. We have had great respect for all those who have worked so hard in such difficult and stressful situations. I hope that kindness and respect will continue to be shown by everyone in our town, as we move forward together through the coming year with optimism".

Cllr Adrian Winnington

Cllr Maureen Howard was unanimously elected Deputy Mayor for 2021/22.

Posted: Thu, 06 May 2021 08:45 by Jan Roomes

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