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Police COVID operation plans for half term

A number of our residents have expressed their concerns over the potentially high number of visitors that might descend upon Hunstanton when the weather improves, as predicted for this coming weekend.The Hunstanton Police Inspector from Norfolk Constabulary has advised us that they are running a mini operation at the weekend (20/21st February ) to concentrate on calls regarding second home lockdown occupation and coastal patrols as per their Covid visibility plan.This is additional resourcing and coincides with half term. It is hoped that the scheme will be run the following weekend and the Local Policing Team will also be concentrating on Covid safety over the half term, which includes a mix of mobile/foot based patrols and extra officers.The Hunstanton LPC Inspector advices local residents to follow government guidelines to stay 'local' and to proactively engage with patrolling officers if seen out and about and observe social distancing.

Posted: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 18:31 by Amanda Knight

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