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Hunstanton Town Council (as the qualifying body) has prepared a Neighbourhood Development Plan (HNDP), entitled "Hunstanton Neighbourhood Development Plan", for their Parish with the help of the local community. The HNDP sets out a vision for the future of the Parish and planning policies which will be used to determine planning applications locally.

The Plan was started in late 2013 and has had a long gestation period, In 2016 it was consulted with the community with open days and questionnaires to help decide and determine the plans and policies. These were developed and in late 2018, early 2019 the plan went out to pre submission consultation. Since this time the results from this feedback has been used to further develop the content and policies of the Hunstanton Neighbourhood Plan, the plan is currently undergoing a health check with the intention it will go off to an independent examiner later this year(2020). Once the plan is approved by the examiner it will be put to a public referendum before it can come into force.

This Neighbourhood Plan is not comprehensive of all aspects of the town. The focus is on housing and the environment. This is partly because the Borough Council manages the sea front and its tourism attractions. The HNDP does not intend to replicate the work of the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP), the Wash East Coast Management Group (WECMG), or the Southern Seafront Masterplan. (SSMP) but to be compatible with them. This HNDP recognises that the Core Strategy and SADMP have allocated 3 major sites for development F2.2, F2.3/5 and F2.4(see the Neighbourhood Plan main documents for details). Some of this development of housing is currently underway.

Further allocation and development is currently underway as part of One Public Estate and Southern Seafront development proposals. With the revised (borough) local plan coming into effect and these developments Hunstanton by far exceeds the requirements on development within the local plan.

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