Serving the people of Hunstanton

Cllr Jackie Kitch

Apt 2F, Chalk River Road
PE36 2NT
01485 522079

I was born in North London (Highbury) in 1964.

I moved with my Family to Hertfordshire in 1966 and stayed in the area until approx 2008 and then I moved to West Norfolk, finally settling down in Hunstanton (the gateway to the rest of Norfolk), in 2021.
I am married. I have 1 Daughter, 1 Granddaughter and 1 baby Grandson.

My Son was tragically killed in Spain in 2019.

Having been a single, working Mother bringing up 2 children alone, I understand the financial constraints that some families have today but I do believe that if you want something then you have to go out and get it as it doesn't always come to you.

I retired in 2020 after working in the Corporate Hospitality and Catering Industry for many years.

My hobbies include Photography, Art, Cooking and travelling, although that is now limited as I run Artworks @The Town Hall in Hunstanton, supporting local Artists and Artisans.

I am interested in helping the local Community especially those people who cannot get out and about too much.

My interests also include looking after the Environment and reducing the Carbon Footprint and I can often be seen cycling or walking around town rather than driving.

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