Serving the people of Hunstanton

Cllr Howard Johnston

Belgrave House
49 Northgate
01485 534081

Joining Hunstanton Town Council adds a new perspective to my half century of public service. Although born and educated on the other side of The Wash in South Lincolnshire, I have had a lifelong association with Hunstanton, and enjoy playing my part in ensuring its wellbeing and prosperity.

Before developing my general business consultancy, I was a regional newspaper editor for ten years from 1978-88, so recognise the importance of having a vibrant community, and ensuring the highest standards of public life are maintained.

I am a prime mover in the King's Lynn-Hunstanton railway reopening campaign, This is not pie in the sky, because the Government, Norfolk County Council and our local MP support the proposals. A new railway will allow our young people to live here and work in Cambridge, provide faster access for all to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and cut road congestion.

Last updated: Sat, 26 Feb 2022 18:57