Serving the people of Hunstanton

Coastguard Lookout Tower - Cliff Top

Built in 1907 - previously uses include a Marconi listening post in World War I and II

Cross on the Green - The Green

Flood Memorial - Heritage Gardens

Golden Lion Hotel - The Green

The first new building within the town, opened in 1846

Lighthouse - Cliff Top

Built in 1840 and ceased to operate in 1922. Currently a private residence available for holiday lets.

Railway Station Site (now a Car Park) - Le Strange Terrace

The railway came to Hunstanton in 1862 and closed in 1969.

Shipwreck - under the Cliff

An 1907 trawler

St Edmund's Church - Church Street

Built in 1866 and is dedicated to Edmund, King of East Anglia.

St Edmund's Chapel - Cliff Top

The chapel, now in ruins, was erected in 1272 in memory of St Edmund who landed at Hunstanton in 855 to be crowned King of East Anglia.

Town Hall - The Green - The Green

Currently the home of Hunstanton Town Council.

Statue of Henry Styleman Le Strange

Henry Styleman Le Strange (1815-1862) founded Hunstanton with his plan for a coastal holiday town on his estate between Old Hunstanton and Heacham.

Water Tower - Redgate Hill

Converted into flats in 1984.

Hunstanton Heritage Plaques

Hunstanton Heritage Plaques are on buildings and sites of interest in Hunstanton and Old Hunstanton.

Further Information can be found Hunstanton Civic Society

Ancient Monuments

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