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On Thursday 16 June 2022, Referendums were held for the electors of both Heacham and Hunstanton to express their approval or otherwise of their Neighbourhood Plans.

Hunstanton had a turnout of 19.8% of the electorate of 3668 with 580 voting in favour and 147 voting against the plan being brought into force.

Heacham had a turnout of 23.02% of the electorate of 3844 with 734 voting in favour and 147 voting against the plan being brought into force.

Because in both parishes more than 50% voted in favour, the Borough Council will 'make' the neighbourhood plans and bring them into force.

This has to be regarded as just the end of the beginning because neighbourhood plans need to be implemented, monitored and kept under review to ensure that they are fit for purpose and continue to serve the interests of the communities as well as remain in conformity with national policy and the Borough's Local Plan review.

The independent examiner, Mr Nigel McGurk did not consider that several of the policies in the draft Hunstanton Neighbourhood Plan were supported by sufficient evidence. It is likely that Hunstanton Town Council will seek professional advice on how to collect and present the evidence that is needed to justify policies concerning the footprint of buildings as a proportion of the plot size; a design code and the restriction of new housing to those who will occupy them as their principal residence.

It seems as though the 147 electors who voted against the neighbourhood plans in both Heacham and Hunstanton is a pure numerical co-incidence but it would be fascinating to know whether they did so because of something that was in the plans or perhaps that the plans left out something they thought should have been included. Any proposed revisions to the plans will be open to public consultation, independent examination and perhaps further referendums.

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Hunstanton is a seaside town in Norfolk. It faces west across The Wash, making it one of the few places on the east coast where the sun sets over the sea. Hunstanton lies 102 miles north-north-east of London and 40 miles north-west of Norwich.

The aerial image of the coastline at the bottom of this website was taken by Mike Page.

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Hunstanton, or 'Hunston' as it is known locally, is renowned for its unique striped cliffs and magnificent sunsets, made special by its position as the only west-facing resort on the East coast.