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Hunstanton Town Council

Serving the people of Hunstanton

Town Hall

Town Clerk: Jan Roomes
Hunstanton Town Hall, The
Green, Hunstanton, Norfolk
PE36 6BQ

Cllr Kate Dunbar

Cllr Kate Dunbar

There are many things I love about our town; it's stunning situation on the coast with unique cliffs, sunsets and nearby wild places, the buildings and local businesses, the seafront and so much more. All of it is within easy walking or cycling distance. But what always makes a town special is it's people and Hunstanton is no exception. I feel very privileged to live here and to be one of the town's representatives. I love living in a town where people choose to spend their leisure time.

I am a graphic designer, illustrator, potter, sculptor, and teacher and make Wobbly Films (and wobbly pots!) I have made props and backdrops for the Pantomime in the past and contributed to various community events, such as the Seafront Tile Project, Diamond Jubilee and the annual Blossom Day.

I am a vegan for health, environmental and animal welfare reasons and it's certainly NOT boring. We love cooking, eating and growing much of our own food and loosely follow Permaculture principals having been on a Permaculture Design course. In the past I have worked in the environmental sector so have learnt about and worried about environmental issues including climate change and some of it's possible ramifications for many years. I believe in 'thinking globally, acting locally' and believe it is important to support local services and enterprise for a thriving local community.

Both my children were very lucky to attend our local schools Redgate and Smithdon. They were encouraged to work hard, before going on to university and happy independent lives. I am very grateful to their dedicated teachers.

I try to keep up to date with science and technology and prefer to base any decisions I have to make on evidence and research if I can. Therefore it is inevitable that my ideas have to change sometimes and evolve as new discoveries come to light; painful as it is to be proved wrong! I am also a humanist, but respect other people's sincerely held beliefs.

When I first became a Town Councillor one of my main aims was to plant fruit trees in the town. I didn't imagine then how that project would evolve into a wonderful community orchard and wildlife area. It has been a great team effort involving County, Borough and Town councils, some lovely individuals and families, community groups and businesses as well as schools and children's groups. It will continue to become more wonderful every year. I am also now a trustee for the East of England Apples and Orchards Project.

Being involved in developing our Neighbourhood Plan, is a chance to help create a shared vision of how we would like our town to develop in the future. I think it is imperative that our local voices are not only heard but also acted upon by any potential developers. After all, we live here.

I am married to a fantastic, kind and creative man but have to share him with two dogs and a very bossy cat.

55 Northgate
PE36 6DS
01485 534041